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Guess Who Was Near A Stove For More Than 10 Minutes?

I made dinner tonight. Baked chicken with tomato bruschetta, rigatoni with mostly homemade sauce, peas, and salad.

I melted our meat thermometer because, um.. well.. I put it in the chicken to see if it had reached the proper 160-degree mark. It had not, so I left it in and shut the oven. I checked back and chicken still needed cooking. Five minutes later I checked, and the temperature gauge at the top of the thermometer was starting to melt. I took it out and from that point forward I just eyeballed the chicken, hoping for the best.

Matt says it was all very good and was very appreciative that he didn't have to cook tonight. The kitchen is cleaned, a load of wash done, the dining room picked up, and I'm enjoying a cuppa tea. What I really need is a drink. We'll remedy that soon when we stop by the newly opened Fenton Grill in a little bit tonight.


Makkaio said…
Dinner was great! I can't tell you how much I loved that you cooked. I was all out of sorts because I was expecting all through my workout that I would have to cook. My meal would not have been half as good because you had time to think up a few twists! It was awesome!
Twilight said…
Nice and colorful - and Christmas colors to boot! Looks great.

I like the quick read instant thermometers myself. They also sell those push-up plastic timers that you can leave in the meat while you cook them. They pop up when the meat is at temp. I believe they sell multi-packs of them for different types of meat.

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