Friday, November 07, 2008

Know Who's Visiting Wegmans Tomorrow?

I, ah, have to run to Wegmans tomorrow to pick up some items. They're dropping prices on hundreds of items you know.

It has nothing to do with the fact that Danny Wegman is supposed to be doing his annual store tour sometime around the noon hour.

(tries to look innocent) (fails)

Here's my story from last year about meeting Mr. Wegman.

If you ever hear that Danny Wegman is touring your local Wegmans grocery store, I recommend shopping that day. Everything will be in stock, gorgeously displayed, and store employees will be even more helpful than usual. Not that they aren't usually.


skb said...

Because Julia asked me to share this story with y'all:

In the fall of 95, I had started a new job at FYE in Eastview Mall. One day, this goofy looking guy came up to the register and bought a stack of reggae CD's. I swiped his card and grabbed a bag to put the CD's into when he stopped me.

"I always have trouble opening these things," he said. "Could you do it?"

I unwrapped his CD's, stuck them in the bag, finished the transaction (checking to make sure the signature on his card matched that on his receipt like all good cashiers should do!), and he walked out of the store a happy customer.

Immediately after he got past the security gate, a coworker came up to me and gushed "OMG! Do you know that was?"




"The guy who owns Wegmans!"

"Oh. OK."

While Julia finds this shocking, realize that I am not a Rochester native and had never seen a pic of the guy. And yes, I read his name on the card and the light didn't go on to make the connection.

Besides, we had a regular customer with the last name of "Kaufmann" who had no relation to the store of the same name. Why WOULD I think anything of it?

Pamela said...

Isn't he dead? I was just in a Weggies, and I'm pretty sure the sign under his pic said he was dead. Is this the new generation of Wegmans? :confused:

Julia said...

Pam - That would be Robert Wegman you're thinking about. He died in 2006. Danny is his son. Danny and his daughter, Colleen, pretty much run the joint now.

Mr. Nighttime said...

Word on the street was that Danny had quite the coke habit in his younger days, but that as personable as he may be, he is not as business savvy as his dad. Maybe the kids will do better.

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