Monday, November 24, 2008

Erasing The Music

When a music show ends, usually the cast and crew get together to tear down the set. The pit orchestra is spared this but instead has to erase an often extremely marked up music book.

I began this task this afternoon. Each page has bowing markings, fingerings for notes in the stratosphere, vocal cues written in to tell me where a song begins, and other miscellaneous notes to myself that need to be rubbed away.

This book was especially an especially difficult one because at times, the notes written on the page were nearly illegible. The director did make a call to the company that we rented the music book from to argue for a refund due to the poor copy quality of all the musician's books. Because of this, we were told to leave in anything we marked in that the next performer may need like notes, measure delineations, and measure numbers.

Still, as each written in item disappears under my eraser, the notes play through my head and I relive the show once more.

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