Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Baking Marathon

I'm in a baking marathon tonight to make all the pies for Thanksgiving. The fact that it's 9:40 and I just took the picture to the right that shows the first of five pies baking is the reason why I'm sporting a cuppa coffee in the photo.

I would have gotten an earlier start but I decided I wanted to stand about and feel awkward in a crowd with the Peter Pan cast and crew for one last time. It was nice to see a few people and chat a little. I'll still see some on a regular basis since a chunk of the pit orchestra is involved in The Living Christmas Tree.

Otherwise, tonight it's all about pie filling and carefully monitoring the oven temperature to make sure it's where it's supposed to be. The house has the wonderful smell of pumpkin pie. The iPod is thrilling my ears in shuffle mode. Edith Piaf, OK Go, Debbie Gibson, Billy Joel, The Wombats, The Smiths, and They Might Be Giants are some of what I've heard so far tonight. It's a good night.

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