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The Glow of Electric Heat

Living in Jamestown, we are lucky enough to have our own municipal power plant. That means our electric rates are ridiculously cheap. There's a proposed clean coal power project that will raise our rates in future years, but our rates will still be pretty damn cheap.

This is why it kills me that our house is heated with natural gas. I dread the monthly bill from National Fuel, even during the summer time. There are plenty of things we can, and should, do to winterize our home but a quick fix was to pick up an electric fireplace. If we ran it every day for five hours a day, it would only add about $8 to our monthly electric bill, plus heat most of the first floor of our house. We're hoping that this in addition to other things I will be pressing Matt to help me with will make this winter a little more manageable pocketbook-wise.


Pamela said…
We are seriously considering a woodstove. The size to heat our whole house costs about $250, and wood for the entire winter would cost about $500, if we had to actually buy the wood. So for $700ish? We could be toasty warm all winter. Or, for $700, we could be toasty warm in November and December with natural gas. Hmmmmm....

Ace Hardware has decent electric heaters, too. (I was checking out all of the options.)
Julia said…
We got ours at Bargain Outlet using the 15% off coupon in Sunday's paper. It's cherry wood, not laminate, which was important to me because we have so much unpainted wood molding on the first floor.

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