Thursday, September 18, 2008

Altered Awakenings

Yesterday was the kind of non-stop day that I'm glad to rarely have. I honestly don't know how people who have schedules like this stay sane.

I started it at 9am, like any other work day. It kept a pretty pace from then until 10:30pm. Instead of a lunch break, I went to my exercise class during the noon hour. Lunch was eaten at my desk while I returned some phone calls. Dinner was a quick sandwich at my desk before I went to a radio station advisory committee meeting directly after work. I ended up leaving that meeting before it ended so I could stop quickly at home to change into jeans and grab my violin. The next two hours were spent wrapping my head and fingers around some new music at a rehearsal.

Finally, I made it home but that only led to sitting down at the computer to edit news scripts. Once that was taken care of, I left again to record the next day's news cast. A friend tried to coerce me into having a drink with him, but by this point I was at a point of exhaustion where my stomach threatened to upheave itself.

Then blissful bed finally at 10:30. What? What's happening? It's 2am? For some reason I've awoken and the first thought I have after looking at the clock is,

"Four hours of sleep? No. I must get back to sleep. That wasn't enough time to process all the music from tonight. Must sleep so I can digest some more. Must learn."

Three hours later, sounds of my husband moving around the house before he went to bed after a marathon session with a new computer game woke me again. I drifted between dreams and consciousness for the next 2 hours, hearing the garbage trucks beeping outside, or the gentle snuffling by my dogs as they slept.


Anonymous said...

I loved Altered Awakenings. I think just about all of us have goofy thoughts in the night about more winks, blinks & thinks.

Anonymous said...

Chuck in Colorado

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