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The lovely ljc tagged me for a meme of 7 fun or interesting things about me.

1. I always pick out and iron my clothes the night before. This includes choosing shoes and jewelry.

2. There were several years in high school where I wanted to shave the back of my head and keep the top and front long, but I was too much of a wuss to do it.

3. I don't like to eat calzones because I find it difficult to swallow the cheese.

4. I've kept a handwritten journal since 1985. There's gaps in it that stretch across months, but if gathered together I have some semblance of my life over that time period.

5. I took middle eastern dance classes for a few years as a kid.

6. I don't have a competitive streak unless I'm playing a trivia-based game. In fact, if you're friends with me, it's best if we're on the same team lest I get into a heated argument with you over whether The Beatles wrote "I Think We're Alone Now." (This happened. A friend made the mistake of arguing with me that they did. We didn't talk for a couple days)

7. I consider The Body Shop's White Musk my signature scent and have worn it since the 1990s, even though it's such a 1990s scent. No other scent or perfume I've tried since has appealed to me as much as that one.



skb said…
Aw, crap....I iz teh tagged.
Makkaio said…
So I guess choking down a calzone for dinner is out of the question?
Pamela said…
Oh the tagging. How did I miss this?

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