Monday, April 28, 2008

Dr. Jamison Will Be In Rochester!

OMG! Dr. Jamison AKA Bill Pullman will be in Rochester for Rochester's Movie Fest this week.

From Singles:

Janet: "Your face wants a different part." (musses up Dr. Jamison's hair) "You're Dr. Jamison. You're a happenin' guy!"
Dr. Jamison: "Yeah, yeah. But I don't know how have fun."
Janet: (smooches Dr. Jamison) "There. That was fun, wasn't it?"


Mr. Nighttime said...

.......and I will be on stage as part of the cast during "Screenplay Live." Sat., 5/3. I'm part of the staged reading of "The Stones."

fubaars said...

I was about to feel sorry for the guy since the role you remember him from is a 2 minute scene in Singles. But then I looked him up in IMDB and about the biggest role he has had was as the Presdient in Independence Day (1996). Ouch! I guess being Dr. J wasn't so bad after all.

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