Monday, April 28, 2008

Clean Bill

On Friday I finally had the physical I was supposed to have in February. I'm happy to say my doctor is pleased with my health and habits.

I consider myself lucky because my doctor is pretty cool. She's probably the first doctor I've had that I feel really comfortable with in terms of divulging personal details. It helps that she isn't judging either. I don't get the whole, "Well, you're at that age where if you want kids....(grand pause)" from her. She also doesn't push medications like The Pill on me even though I probably could get a lot of benefit out of going back on that like less acne issues, shorter periods, and thus more sex.

I was on The Pill once. Once being taking it for over 5 years. I don't quite remember when I stopped, but I do remember that there was a time my prescription ended and I was off The Pill for a month or two. I went through some horrible mood swings. After a doctor's visit, I went on a low-hormone version but the mood swings were just as bad, and I got headaches and cramps. At that point, I said, "Fuck it." I'm not totally cool with adding more hormones to my body when you consider the wealth that take up residence there currently.

Unfortunately, unless I get my tubes tied or Matt gets a vasectomy, we're kinda stuck when it comes to birth control options. Even though we do not plan to have children, ever, I don't want to permanently cut off my ovaries from the rest of my lady bits. Part of me fears that if I mess with my insides any more than necessary that shit will go down 20 years from now and I'll be laying on my back in some doctor's office cursing the day I decided to tie my tubes so I could have sex without a condom. I know that's a little ridiculous, but it's my prerogative if I want to needlessly worry, right?
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Makkaio said...

The lack of comments will definitely prove the points you made regarding how our friends never talk about sex. LOL.

Galoot said...

I'll talk about it! I've never talked with you or Makkaio about having kiddoes, but if you'd like someone else to have them for you, I know of a boy and girl, ages 4 and 6. Potty trained. Caucasian. Let's say their names are "Pate" and "Kete". Born and bred in the U.S. My buddy Bryan just adopted an adorable Guatemalan girl a few months ago. I met her over the weekend. She's not up for grabs, but I can talk to her adoptive father about how he did it. Unless you meant "never" as in no kids whatsoever. In which case, please disregard everything above and print this: "Congrats on your clean bill of health!"

Julia said...

Galoot - Our friends have kids so we don't ever have to. Ever. I hope "Pate" and "Kete" find a loving family. Maybe you're up for the job?

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