Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back Alley

One of the cool things about the central business district of Jamestown is all the alley-ways. I like the fact they are usable, in terms of driving. There are still a number of one-way streets downtown, so it's nice to be able to use an alley to cut over to the street you need without having to go all the way around the block.

I also like the aesthetics of the alleys. The way they slope upwards as you make your way from the south end of downtown to the north side. How they're still brick-lined, even if the main streets have been paved with asphalt. There was talk by some that the alleys should have lighting installed to encourage pedestrian use. I kind of dig that idea. Just as long as they don't seal them off to cars. If they did, I'd hope that some of those one-way streets had been made 2-way. That just might happen.

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Galoot said...

1. I hear that there are plans to dude-up the alleys to make them more appealing to the folks who walk through them. I doubt they'd close them off to autos as some businesses are still dependent on deliveries "in the rear".

2. The best alley-driving in the city follows this route:

a. Turn on to 2nd street east from main street.

b. Take an immediate right at the first alley. Go straight down. Almost vertical.

c. Hang a left onto 1st street.

d. Take the next left (up the alley next to Little Theatre) and hang on to your hat. There's a sharp left turn 3/4's of the way up.

e. Drive a car with at least 6 cylinders in it. Otherwise you might drop your transmission.

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