Thursday, December 13, 2007

Reaching Into the Grab Bag

What's in my bag of blog treats today? A lot of short thoughts:

Enough snow had fallen this morning that I almost thought we didn't get a our morning paper. Fortunately, a corner of the orange plastic bag it comes in was peeking above the snow line.


I had a stress dream last night that I showed up while the math teacher was grading mid-terms. I hadn't been to class all semester, of course, but still mingled among my classmates while they waited for results. The teacher commented that some may need to do the re-take, which would be offered in Toronto. I thought, "Well, there's quite a few re-takes I'll probably need to do up there since I haven't gone to my other classes either. I could learn all I need to in a week. Why not?"

I think this dream has something to do with the fact that I still haven't found a song to play for Artist Share this Saturday at the Reg Studio between 2 and 4pm. At least I'm finding some interesting pieces I had forgotten about over the years as I've been practicing. It could be an unmitigated disaster come performance time, but at least I'm having fun.


I think I'm finally going to start parting with some of my "foolishness" and dump a bunch of magazines I've been holding onto for a couple years into the recycling bin. I love Real Simple, but I simply never go back and reference anything in the issues like I thought I would. Plus, I think everything is on their website now, anyway. The only magazine that I've ever gone back to find information is Consumer Reports. Matt just about fell over when I told him I wanted to divest myself of my collection.


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