Friday, November 16, 2007

To Do-ing

  1. Braving snowy weather for the first time this season to go to Buffalo tonight
  2. Making about 300 pierogi tomorrow
  3. Coming back to Jamestown and collapsing Saturday night
  4. Doing the news by noon on Sunday
  5. Going to Warren for a dress rehearsal at 2pm Sunday
  6. Hopefully not massacring music too badly for the Warren Civic Orchestra concert at the First United Methodist Church on Second and Market Streets in Warren at 4pm on Sunday
  7. Rushing home to change, take out the dogs, and get to Mojo's by 6:30pm
  8. Going to the Viking's game with the Forte crowd Sunday night at 7:30pm


Mimi said...

It snowed here in Corfu a bit last night too! Didn't stop me from getting Thanksgiving groceries at the I.G.A.! Are you on the news? If you're a Buffalo anchor on TV, I'll understand if you want to stay anonymous. Just curious!

Julia said...

Wow! Someone thought I might be a Buffalo TV anchor! Mimi, you just made my ego inflate. Thanks for that!

I actually do the news for WRFA, a low-power FM station, in Jamestown. You can listen online, or tune to 107.9 in Jamestown to hear me week-days at the top of the hour from 6am-9am. Thanks for giving me a chance to plug myself (winks).

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