Wednesday, November 21, 2007

PMS For the Holidays

Just in time for all the schmaltzy tunes and programming to invade our radios, televisions, and lives, I get PMS. I'm not in a bitchy mood, but that's by my own estimations. I'm sure Matt will claim differently.

My condition became apparently while reading a post on The Traveling Spotlight. By the end of the entry, I was sniffling and hugging whatever dog was closest to me.

Today it has continued. Tears welled up in my eyes as I read the last line in this Buffalo News article. I found myself reaching for tissues as I waited for my tea to brew at home.

Of course, one could just say that I'm a softie. That I've broken the cycle of being a jaded news reporter. But before you think this something other than my hormones doing that wacky female thing, let me tell you about this movie review and how when I got to the line "happily ever after" I let out an audible sigh of "Aww!" A movie review. I'm getting weepy over movie reviews.

Of course, I'd rather be weepy than be a raging bitch for the holidays. Bitchiness combined with holiday-traveling induced road rage would not be good.

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Mr. Social said...

I wept last week. Maybe I have it too.

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