Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I Bake Okay

I tend to get a little dramatic when it comes to time I spend in the kitchen. I don't cook a lot, but when the holidays roll around I spend what I consider a ridiculous amount of time in the kitchen baking.

Tonight, I'm in the middle of a pie-making marathon. My fourth pie, pecan, is in the oven. I still need to roll out the dough for the final pie, cherry. That's waiting on Matt bringing home a second can of cherry pie filling that I neglected to note that I needed.

Part of tonight's process has included many trips to peer through the oven window at the temperature gauge I bought a couple weeks ago. Our oven's temperature is off by about 50 degrees. I didn't know this a year ago, and nearly burst into tears at the Thanksgiving dinner table when I realized that both my pecan pies had failed. My fingers are crossed for this year.

The three completed pies, thus far, are above.

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NickDean said...

Looks tasty. I'll take a pumpkin, please.

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