Sunday, September 02, 2007

A Journalist for a Journalist by a Journalist

To employ a new favorite phrase, the "FUN" was in full effect last night in downtown Jamestown. Matt and I took in a pre-season Erie Otters hockey game at the Jamestown Savings Bank Ice Arena (JSBIA). I was admittedly pretty rusty in my hockey-watching skills since I purposefully blocked any knowledge of hockey out of my brain after a certain final game of the season on May 19th. Ahem. But as I said to the wife of Matt's boss, "Well, I feel like I can enjoy the impending Sabres' season because I don't have any expectations. God. I guess I really am a Western New Yorker!" The game ended in a tie with no overtime or shoot-out.

SBIA is doing some cool things to enhance the facility to make spectator sports a little more comfortable. We got a peek at what will be a club lounge. Before the Rusty Nail was torn down, Arena staff bought/took out part of the bar with plans to install it in one corner of the lounge. The walls are painted a deep red with modern, wrought iron sconces. We were told by management that flat screens will adorn the walls eventually. Comfy chairs from Crawford Furniture and round coffee tables are scattered throughout the room. There's some other things planned for the Veranda Room off the club area that sound good as well. I'm not sure about the final timeline for completion of everything, but this will be great stuff for the Jamestown Vikings' season.

After the game, we headed on over to The Cherry for a bite to eat. Can I put a plea out there to Jamestown-area restaurants to extend your dining hours until 10 or 10:30 (coughs Forte)?

After some stomach buffering, we made our way to Forte to mildly harass the WORD's "Bartender of the Week".

Nick made me a gin-based drink called "The Journalist." It was quite good and I enjoyed it with caution.

A good night out before Matt's free time becomes non-existent over the next few weeks and, then, months.


NickDean said...

Ha. You got me smiling. Well done. And sorry it took so long to make the drink... It's still a little overwhelming behind that bar.

We're all going to do the GRAZER'S BURGER some time this week, right?

Anonymous said...

I feel your (and Matt's) pain over the non-existent free time. I'm missing a vacation in October. Core's going to Hilton Head for a week without me :( I'm so not looking forward to this season :(


Julia said...

Nick - The drink was worth the wait. I need to remember that one after some long day. Grazers? You guys at the PJ are nuts. When are you going? Take lots of pictures!

Court - Matt is the one with no free time. I'm not political anymore (wink wink). But thanks.

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