Monday, June 18, 2007

The push and pull of grocery carts

I created the rule that every time you go into Wegman's, you will see three people you know. It's an inevitable truth.

The rule worked Friday to the tune of 5 people, and tonight to the requisite three.

I wander the aisles, pushing or pulling my cart in a daze. I nearly walk into a display as I turn to look toward the entrance and exit. The sun is trying to shine a beam of light through the clouds. I turn away and face the warm glow of display cases around me.

I frown when encountered with a blur of deli meats. I will not decide tonight. Shiny plastic containers wink softly at me from the prepared food cases. I will not look.

I thump a container of milk into the cart and push my way to the row of cashiers.

"Can I put this all in one bag?" says a young boy. I stare through him and nod.

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