Monday, April 16, 2007

WBNY Alumni Show - Whatever Julia Feels Like Playing

If you had a chance to tune in to 91.3 WBNY this weekend, you would have heard a lot of talented disc jockeys spinning the widest assortment of music imaginable. If you were kind enough to tune in on Sunday between 10am and noon, you would have heard the following music spun by your's truly:

(Legal ID - 10am)
Camera Obscura - Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken
New Pornographers - Sing Me Spanish Techno
(mic break)
Deerhoof - Plus 81
Deerhoof - Kidz Are So Small
Kelly - What R U Guys Talking About? (Canadian Version)
Pizzicato Five - Pizzicatomania
Pizzicato Five - Twiggy vs. James Bond
(mic break)
The Pietasters - Little Engine (live)
Flogging Molly - What's Left of The Flag
Matisyahu - King Without A Crown
Joseph Arthur - Dear Lord
(mic break)
Fountains Of Wayne - Someone To Love
OK Go - Television, Television
The Launderettes - I Wanna Jump Your Bones
The Legion of Doom - Crazy As She Goes
Imogen Heap - Goodnight & Go
Splashdown - Mayan Pilot
(Legal ID - 11am)
Mike Doughty - Unsingable Name
(mic break)
The Format - Dog Problems
XTC - Scarecrow People
Poole - Fall For Anything
(mic break)
David Usher - Black Black Heart 2.0
Tokyo Police Club - Shoulder & Arms
Arcade Fire - Keep The Car Running
MC Lars - Internet Relationships
Junior Senior - Boy Meets Girl
Mint Royale - Don't Falter
(mic break)
Ladytron - Destroy (Everything You Touch)
The Pre-Sets - Girl & The Sea
Catherine Wheel - Crank
(mic break)
London Suede - Trash
Franz Ferdinand - The Outsiders

Sadly, my tape deck crapped out and I don't have a recording of my show. It was still a great time and I thank those who told me they tuned in.

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