Monday, April 16, 2007

One Billion Abstinence Campaign A Flop... DUH

$1bn 'don't have sex' campaign a flop

Who seriously thought that if we told teens to just abstain from sex, that they'd actually follow through? Not me. When Not Me, Not Now was dreamed up by Monroe County in the 1990s, I said, as a teenager, it was a stupid idea and money spent unwisely.

How about giving our teens all the tools they need to know about sex, including the line about abstinence, so at least they know how to use protection if they decide to have sex?

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Maybe said...

As well intentioned as these campaigns may be, they simply fail to take into account the most basics of human biology: The desire to reproduce. They also fail to take into account the natural curiosity of teenagers and the basic law of teenagerhood: The more you tell them not to do something is directly proportional to the likelihood that they will do it. (Whether it be sex, drugs, or rock and roll.)

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