Friday, April 20, 2007

Supporting Downtown Jamestown Events

In my opinion, you can often tell what the health of a downtown area is by how many events are held in the city center and how many people attend. Since I moved to Jamestown almost 8 years ago, I've seen the number of events throughout the season grow and expand remarkably.

Almost all, if not all, the events are family friendly and the excitement generated by them is palpable. More than several businesses are experiencing record sales and traffic as a direct result of return visits by people who might have had their first glance at a city business due to an event held downtown.

However, it seems that a very small majority isn't too thrilled with all these good things:
Dear Myspace Friends,

There is a small group of people trying to put an end to events in Downtown Jamestown. This could effect our Local Music Showcase as well as many other community events like Gus Macker, the Holiday Parade, Rib Fest, you name it.

Basically, a small group is trying to rally support to shut down all downtown events. They are taking their case to the City Council's Public Safety committee on Monday. Their voices must not be heard over the many who enjoy having activities in downtown.

To save these events, please attend the meeting Monday night, April 23, 2007 at 6:30pm, Tracy Plaza, City Hall, 4th Floor, for the public safety meeting. Don't let a few trouble makers put an end to downtown activity and development.

If you can't attend, please email your thoughts to Lee Harkness at the Downtown Jamestown Development Corp. at so he can put them into record for us.

This is very important and was announced after our issue went to press, or else I would have editorialized about it. You can write a letter to the editor to the POST-JOURNAL today though, and try to increase awareness on this issue. Repost this bulletin. Do not let these people sign Jamestown's death sentence by outlawing public events.

Our own downtown events have been very successful and the public has been wonderful. The police have been kind and supportive. Many people from Chaut. County told us they hadn't been to downtown in years. We got thank you cards and emails from families and those who attended. Business owners thanked us. It will be a shame if we have to move our events because of a few trouble makers.

Please pass this on.

Michael Salamone
editor in chief
Chautauqua Region WORD newspaper

It's time for our community to rise up and shout the positive rather than let a few naysayers whine their negative refrain.

I ask you to join us on Monday at the Public Safety meeting, or to write a letter of support for downtown activities to the Post-Journal or to Lee Harkness.

Addendum: Meeting Location - Public Safety this evening is on the 4th Floor of Jamestown City Hall. Get off the elevator, turn right and go straight into the police training room. You should probably get there by 6:15 as you will have to go through security. (ht to Lee Harkness for the additional info)

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Kevin_H said...

Okay let me guess this minority doesn't like downtown events because of what? ''Too much traffic?'' or better yet "too much noise and rowdy young people?" *gasp* *swoon* *flabbergasted* Seriously, what's their motivation? I mean besides making Jamestown a total ghost town?

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