Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Caffeine Sabbatical

I've been drinking a fair amount of caffeine-fueled products over the past couple of months. The last two weeks I've noticed that my increased intake hasn't necessarily resulted in that buzz or energy boost that I'm accustomed to getting. And then I read a a post by Gen X at 40 that may explain why.

As discouraging as the news may be, I think I might be able to pare down my intake of teas/coffee enough so that I make my body think it's getting something new and exciting in its system when I do have a treasured cuppa. The trick is cutting back. March has been quite frigid and I love my hot mug of tea during cold spells like this.

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Chris said...

Not being a coffee drinker myself I have heard enough testimonials about the severe midmorning caffeine withdrawal headaches to know I don't want to start. That being said, I do love a cup of tea in the morning and remember reading somewhere that lb. for lb. tea actually has more caffeine than coffee. But so far, no headaches when I miss my tea. I think I'll keep drinking. At least until the weather breaks.

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