Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Movies You Can't Look Away From

There's a couple movies I can't stand to watch, but can't stand to turn the channel once I see that they're on. One of these movies is 'Til There Was You. While I was home on break in college, I would catch this flick while flipping between HBO, The Weather Channel, TLC, and The Discovery Channel. I found the script trite and the acting something to be desired, which resulted in a total effect of "ehn." And yet, this movie gave me one of my favorite lines that I co-opted for anytime I was sad or drama queening about the wasted landscape of love:

Gwen: "This is the part where your heart actually hurts."

I hate this film. I really do. And thanks to my Jeane Tripplehorn-look-alike-friend, Lynn, I now know the name of this movie and can promptly find a cheap, used DVD of it online so I can seethe at this abomination in the privacy of my own home.


Matt said...

Wasted landscape of love, heh?

Lynn said...

You're darn right it's a wasted landscape. :) I think we all have a bank of these movies that we turn to (or don't turn away from) when they happen to be on TV. Myself, I can't help but watch infomercials about pointless countertop blenders. :) And, Jeanne Triplehorn stole my damn face. :)

battlemaiden said...

*sigh* I loved The Notebook. Don't ask me why.

Mr. Social said...

Holy Crap!
The first time I met her, I was like, "Wow, what a cutie and so damned familliar..." though I was sure I hadn't really met her before.

The whole "Jeane Tripplehorn" - Lynn connection never occurred to me! Totally agree!!!

Wow! Crazy!

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