Thursday, December 28, 2006

Books Books Books

Because we had Christmas Day and the day after Christmas off, I'm all messed up in terms of what day it is. Case in point: I took out a bunch of books out of the library last week. I casually looked at the pile today and thought, "Maybe I'll read the Ned Vizzini book first and then The Hunt for Sonya Dufrette." It then occurred to me that I should look at the due back date. Not one, but three books are due tomorrow that I really wanted to read: the aforementioned books and Ten Second Staircase.

I started It's Kind of a Funny Story on lunch with hopes to sneak a few pages while at work. I intend to finish that book tonight and start in on The Hunt.. tonight as well, finishing that by tomorrow afternoon when I have a half-day off and can read the Christopher Fowler book before the library closes.

Me and my literary passions must have a sit down and compromise on some realistic reading practices soon.

Addendum #1: Finished It's Kind of a Funny Story around 4:30pm.
Addendum #2: Got to page 220 of The Hunt For Sonya Dufrette at 9:10pm and realized that the library's copy is missing the 26 pages of the book. Curses!!!


Jenny said...

Finding out a book I'm reading is missing pages is one of my biggest pet peeves. I'm always buying them second hand and realizing it too late.

Ned said...

THank you for reading my booK!

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