Monday, March 20, 2006

A Rattling In the Throat & Chest Area

I sat down late yesterday afternoon with a pot of tea and Martha Grime's latest Superintendent Jury mystery, when that worrisome cough became. It's now developed into that feeling where you know are coming down with something, but it's hard to tell what it is. One part of me thinks it's just sinuses draining and making me cough. Another part says, "It could be pneumonia. Your co-worker had pneumonia and came to work, although she was on antibiotics by then." The lead up to that line of thinking is, "Well, then there's all the clients that come in for services. God only knows what they're contagious with at the moment." Then the bizarre part of my brain wondered if it was possible to catch strep throat from two of my friends over instant messenger who were home sick with it last week. The last time I went to a doctor for being sick, she told me it was nothing, but did a strep test to appease me. I went back to work, per her orders, and then two days later got the call that I did indeed have strep.

What I do know is that I had strange dreams last night that I attribute to the latest Martha Grimes mystery. Hell, I didn't even take physics in high school and I was dreaming about discussing string theory and Shroedinger's cat. I'm just not in the mood to think about a cat being dead and alive at the same time, trust me.


Anonymous said...

Careful! I had that along with my first ever strep 2 weeks ago, and now Anne's got the combo. Go steal antibiotics right now: it's the only thing that can help.


Julia said...

Actually, I went to the Doctor's today for a strep culture. Living in the backwoods, I won't find out until Friday whether I have strep or not. Guess WCA Hospital hasn't heard there's a 24-hour turn-around test that other metropolitan areas have access to. Anyway, since I chatted online with you last week, if I have strep I fully blame you Sean! Heh.

Ryan said...

Shrödinger's Cat-litter Box: If you don't observe it, you won't have to change it.

Anonymous said...

24 hours! Mine took 5 minutes. Seriously. WTF?


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