Tuesday, March 28, 2006

WBNY Alumni Bash

This weekend is the annual WBNY Alumni Weekend at Buffalo State College. Besides an all alumni DJ schedule, there's also a fundraising bash at the Mohawk Place on Saturday. Buffalo Rising printed the full details including a list of some of the successful WBNYers.

I will be doing a show on Sunday, April 2nd from 10am to noon. The show, Six Degrees, will feature musical artists that are all connected in some way. It could easily be a four hour show with what I've researched so far, including a connection between Aerosmith and They Might Be Giants. But with only two hours, the show will start with The Smiths and go from there. Tune into 91.3 FM WBNY in the Buffalo-area on Sunday at 10am to hear more.

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battlemaiden said...

Of COURSE the show will start with The Smiths. Any Tori connections?

Have a great time!

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