Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Going Turkey

With the new title of homeowners bestowed upon Matt and me, I decided to suggest having all the family to our house for Thanksgiving. It seemed to make sense at the time. After all, we are able to sleep 6 people (couples) on beds, and have two couches to accomodate the less picky or latecomers. Then the invites went out. Then our invitees decided to invite other people. While it's not definite, there's a chance we'll have 21 people at our house for Thanksgiving.

On the upside, it'll be good to have all the family down for the holiday and everyone is bringing a side dish. My main responsibility, cooking-wise, is baking the pies, buying the rolls, and making the turkey. The latter should be easy if not for the fact that Wegmans has run out of all the turkeys that are 29-cents a pound when you spend $25 on groceries. They were supposed to get a shipment last night. I went in this morning and the stock boy told me that they only had 10-lb turkeys. He was real nice about it though and told me that I should call later since the 10-plus-pounders should arrive sometime today. I'm just afraid that the rest of Jamestown will buy out the turkeys before I get my 20-lb plus bird.

Another plus item is that our kitchenette is finally getting painted. With the humidity of summer, family stuff, and elections, it just wasn't going to happen before now. And the paint is going on a lot better now that it's drier in the house. So much happiness abound in regards to that!

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