Monday, October 17, 2005

Tune In, Tune Out

Favorite song meme taken from BFLO Blog:

Favorite Beatles song: Got To Get You Into My LIfe

Favorite solo song by a former Beatle: Live And Let Die - Paul McCartney

Favorite Rolling Stones song: Gimme Shelter

Favorite Bob Dylan song: The Hurricane

Favorite Pixies song: It's a toss-up between Gigantic and Debaser

Favorite Prince song: Little Red Corvette

Favorite Michael Jackson song: Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

Favorite Metallica song: Wherever I May Roam

Favorite Public Enemy song: 911 Is A Joke

Favorite Depeche Mode song: Argh.. so many!! Never Let Me Down, Behind The Wheel, Strange Love, Personal Jesus, Enjoy The Silence, Judas, and It's No Good

Favorite Cure song: High, Caterpillar, Love Cats

Favorite song that most of your friends haven’t heard: "You Were Right" -Badly Drawn Boy. Although my friends in Rochester probably have heard this song since it airplay there.

Favorite Beastie Boys song: Sabotage

Favorite Police song: Don't Stand So Close To Me

Favorite Sex Pistols song: Ermm... I didn't really care for them

Favorite song from a movie: Until - Sting. I liked it enough to use it as the song that Matt and I danced to at our wedding.

Favorite Blondie song: Heart Of Glass

Favorite Genesis song: Ew.

Favorite Led Zeppelin song: When The Levee Breaks, Communication Breakdown

Favorite INXS song: Suicide Blonde, Beautiful Girl

Favorite Weird Al song: Theme From Rocky XIII

Favorite Pink Floyd song: Comfortably Numb

Favorite cover song: They Might Be Giants - New York City

Favorite dance song: Love At First Sight - Kylie Minogue

Favorite U2 song: In God's Country, Sunday Bloody Sunday (live version from Rattle & Hum), Stay (Faraway, So Close)

Favorite disco song: I know I have one...

Favorite The Who song: Who Are You

Favorite Elton John song: Tiny Dancer

Favorite Clash song: Rock The Casbah

Favorite David Bowie song: “Rebel Rebel”

Favorite Nirvana song: Heart Shaped Box

Favorite Snoop Dogg song: Don't Really know any

Favorite Ice Cube song: Ditto

Favorite Johnny Cash song: Ring of Fire, One

Favorite R.E.M. song: Near Wild Heaven

Favorite Elvis song: Viva Las Vegas

Favorite cheesy-ass country song: Shania Twain - Man, I Feel Like A Woman

BFLO Blog's Addendum:

Favorite Billy Joel song: River Of Dreams

Favorite Bruce Springsteen song: Philadelphia

Favorite Big Audio Dynamite song: Rush

Favorite New Order song: Regret

Favorite Neil Diamond song: Cherry, Cherry

Favorite Squeeze song: Tempted... I guess

Favorite Smiths song: All of "The Queen Is Dead" album plus just about every other song by them. One of the best bands in the World!

Favorite Tragically Hip Song: Ewwwwww... SO overdone!!


Coach Leahy said...

Little Red Corvette rocks! However, I prefere the guitar solo in Purple Rain. I get goosebumps (and other things) just thinking about it...

Coach Leahy said...

How could you not pick something from the greatest album of all time?

Death or Glory?
Card Cheat?
London Calling?

By the way, I have a live version of Stay(Faraway, So Close) from a concert in Boston. It is absolutely fantastic.

Mags said...

I am musically challenged - so sad at how few of those songs I knew!

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