Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Furniture Can Make A Home

We moved all the furniture out of my grandma's house this weekend. Most of it came to our house, with some bedroom dressers going to my parents. Matt commented that our house really feels like home now. The other big item that was moved this weekend was my upright piano. It's been at my parent's house, waiting until we were going to be someplace more permanent. The piano tuner comes next Friday. Of course all the painting still needs to be done, but I feel more relaxed now having these familiar items around me. The next big thing is that we're replacing our very petite refrigerator with money my parents are getting for selling my grandma's house. That also arrives next Friday.

As far as we know, we close on my grandma's house next Thursday. I'm going in one last time this Saturday to help my parent's pack up any remaining items (tools, yard tools, silverware, etc.). It's been pretty hard. The next door neighbor who has lived there all my life has been pretty weepy too, since she and my grandma got on real well. The new owners are an older couple who have grandchildren a few blocks away. This will be the first house they own, so we feel good about that.

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Matt said...

It's nice to have your grandmother all around us. It's like your grandparents' furniture was made for our house. Like someday they knew it would fit. I think it is good to have these kinds of positive memories around.

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