Tuesday, March 29, 2005


You might ask why I am posting at the rediculous hour of 1:45am on a work night. It's called a 100-degree temperature and the inability to sleep after getting bountiful amounts earlier in the day when I left work at noon. I don't quite understand how that works. I thought when you got sick, you could sleep unfettered for hours, only to awake in some sort of delusional state several days later. Instead, I sleep for two-three hours and then lay in bed pondering how one gets chills and hot flashes within seconds of each other. Bleh.

But may as well make this productive. Our house gets inspected later today. Matt and I are scheduled to tag along. My main goal is to take lots of pictures for the family. They're all super excited for us, especially my grandma.

Speaking of. Easter weekend was good even though that's when my sickness came on. We went out to our favorite family Italian eatery on Saturday with my grandma, Aunt Margie, and my parents. I lament my canolli that sits in the work refrigerator as I type. Saturday night is when I took some decongestant medecine, slept for three hours, only to wake up and have a sort of panic attack. I worried about everything from work, to the house, to the ham that was already cooked and ready. Needless to say, I wasn't in prime shape Easter Sunday, but managed to eat and make conversation at my grandparent's house and Matt's cousin's house in South Buffalo.

As it approaches 2am, I'm wondering how crazy it would be for me to go out to a 24-hour drugstore to buy more pain reliever. We ran out. My head is not happy. Anyway, I think I'll get caught up on the news and blogs before either attempting to sleep again or actually getting into my car to try to remedy this madness.

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