Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Non-intentional Disappearance

I didn't intentionally break away from the blogging world. Au contraire! I have at least 3 to 4 topics I could blog about in regards to the weekend. Everything from the political to the romantic. And will I eventually do this? It's quite possible! Yes! It is!

In the meantime, my thought for the morning is, why don't morning radio shows play music anymore? One local pop music radio station went a half hour without any real music. Instead, I had to be tortured by stupid gags and a total lack of substance. I think there was some news and weather in there, but it was totally obscured by the crap around it. Then when they finally played a song, it was Jennifer Lopez's latest dance hit.

All I want is a quick recap of news and weather and then MUSIC, damnit. And people wonder why I'm constantly plugged into my iPod and don't listen to local radio anymore.

Ok, I need to go to work.


Kevin H. said...

Heh, I agree. Although I would say what's even worse is some of the local radio up here in B-lo that play more commercials then actual music or dj babble. I swear every morning I come home from work I here more commercials then anything else, and its not just one channel they all seem to do it. Ugh!

I tend to listen to Launchcast, or burned cds these days now anyways partially cause of that.

So, yeah I feel yr pain, Julia :P

what's up the thing below...''choose an identity'' damn, sounds like Big Brother, no not the reality show, telling me what to do. LOL

battlemaiden said...

Eh, I find regular morning talk shows to be rather boring anyway. You know me - I'd rather have NPR and my daily dose of current events. There was a time, though, for me, when even the pre-cancerous Brother Wease was entertaining. Ah, the good ol' days.

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