Wednesday, February 09, 2005

A Night Out..

Courtesy of the Chautauqua WORD, Matt and I are going to see Wendell Rivera at the Reg Friday night. We decided to give it a night-out-on-the-town feel by getting dinner before the concert at Forte. That's assuming that Matt was able to make reservations.

The night is also doubling as our Valentine's date since we hadn't planned anything else. We're actually not too hyper about that particular holiday, but we do try to do something nice for each other. When we first started dating, we did the whole flower thing for each other. In recent history, Matt has bestowed gift certificates for one of the day spas in the area, or we've gone out for dinner together. As much as I love day spa stuff, I also like spending that time together.

I know people think the holiday is commercialized and something dreamt up by Hallmark to make us feel obligated to buy fattening or expensive baubles for our significant others, but for Matt and I, it gives us a real excuse to just have time together. Sappy, yes. But we're so busy that we almost need this built-in "lovers" holiday so we can get away, even for an hour or two, without guilt.


NYCO said...

Love the new site design!

Wendolene said...

Julia - I moved my blog to I'm going to post some of the pictures of how our apartment looks with the paint colors, I remember you wanted to see that. (what was that, like 6 months ago?) Anyway, I'll put them up tomorrow.

- Wendy (Wendolene)

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