Monday, February 28, 2005

Friends with Great Expectations

While perusing some articles on the D&C site, I stumbled across a story about the performance of Great Expectations by the Blackfriars Theatre.

What was notable for me was one of the pictures was of a long-time friend:

Ben performing as "Pip" in a scene from "Great Expectations" Posted by Hello

Hooray for friends with talent!


battlemaiden said...

We saw that article in the paper on Sunday morning, with a slightly different photo. Both Ryan and I were a little miffed that the article gave no mention of Ben, other than in the photo's caption. Still, very cool to see him in the paper.

Ryan said...

I must say that throughout the pics (I checked more out at the D&C website) Ben looks rather like he took acting lessons from the great Mr. Wm. Shatner. His face is very, er... expressive.

Yes, good to see bechwi in the paper indeed!

battlemaiden said...

He looks like a Greek God, don't you think? *smirk*

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