Monday, January 31, 2005

What Is Our Country Coming To?

My view of the people who live in the same country as I becomes very dim when I read stories about students who believe the Press should be more restricted. This goes along with having to listen a pop music morning show where the hosts mistakenly believe that just because our Founding Fathers were Christains, that pushing Christianity on everyone is okay. I'm really getting sick of it.

People I used to work with said that this country is already a theocracy, not a democracy. I love what this country was founded on, but I hate the people ruling it right now. I hate that the citizens of this country are so lazy and willing to go along with whatever they hear on the radio or tv that they don't question that our rights under the Constitution are slowing disappearing. My only hope is for a revolution of thought where the corruption of the President etc. are exposed and people finally see what's happening here. Sadly, I'm not sure it's possible, especially after November. The American Way Of Life is ending unless people wake up and start taking action to reverse this.


Matt said...

The latest thing I've been pissed about is the media's influence on how we THINK the elections are going in Iraq and how they compare. I'm especially disgruntled about the statistics of voter turnout. Talk show hosts like Hannity keep saying that a 75% voter turnout in Iraq is going to be great and wouldn't it be great if we could do that here.

Wake up you manipulating media DIPSHITS and start getting your facts straight! In the last Presidential Election there was a 72% turnout among eligible voters. That's pretty close to our prediction of how many eligible voters will get out in Iraq.

Here's how they manipulate the numbers. The media and some self-serving talk show hosts compare our percentage of voting-age population with Iraq's eligible voters. Yeah, that comes out around 52% for us. But voting-age does not equal eligible voters! Registered voters equals eligible voters! And like I said, 72% of our eligible voters got out the last Presidential Election.

Ah well. *end rant*

Ryan said...

I have to point this out... don't fall for the story that the Founding Fathers were Christian as a group. They were mostly Deists. It's become a favourite past-time of Bible-beaters to foist that tale on us, and it's not strictly true. They did believe in a higher power, but not in one that had direct control over our actions and lives. These men were products of the Enlightenment, and were proponents of free will.

Anonymous said...

Considering how close this past presidental election was I wouldn't say that the citizens of this country are lazy, or just believe what they are spoon fed by the media.

One of the things I can't stand are zealots on either side of the political fence.

Any so called revolution of thought happens one person at a time on a daily basis. Sitting around hoping for it doesn't make it happen nor does using words like ''hate'' and ''lazy''.

I think the major obstacle is the fact that both Democrats and Republicans in Washington are more concerned with A.) Their parties own agenda, and B.) Getting funding/projects for their home states C.) Padding their own pocket with special interest groups that then require ''favors'' in return. They do these things instead of working on the issues that impact the citizens of the country. Both sides would rather bash and debase rather then collaborate. Partisan politics is in one way what has divided the nation, or caused it to divide more. Every party thinks their way is the correct direction to move then nation.

Sure there are exceptions in each party on an individual level, but one man/woman cannot fight a whole political machine.

I think you should study some more about the Constitution of these United States. It was never intended by our so called forefathers to use that Constitution throughout the years. It was thought that each generation would write their own constitution, but in the end the concept of the Ammendments were used instead. PArt of the problem is that the writing style is often vague to us, or open to arguement, ie ''The right to bear arms''

Of course trying to write and pass a new constitution every generation would be nearly impossible with the way the system functions now.

And you can't honestly think that once someone else, someone of your liking is in the Oval office that everything will be better. That there won't be corruption. The American way of life change on 9/11. The way of the world changed that day. It'll never be whatever ideal in your head that it was.

Considering the popularity of ''blogs'' and other independent news websites and the fact more people get their news from there then the tv is a sign that in fact people aren't ''lazy''. Hell, Bush' job approval rating at the time of this swearing into office was at his lowest ever.

Your guy lost, but don't blame everyone around and start name calling or you'll end up like the pompous talk show hosts and radicals you despise. You have access to information and blog to showcase an intelligent open view point and get it across to others or at least tip off some possiblities and make people think. But for fuck's sake drop the drama queen zealot oh my fucking god bullshit headlines or you'll just turn people away. You wanta revolution of thought then starting thinking and less bellyaching.

- Kevin H.

Over all the political system, and the nation's far too large.

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