Monday, December 20, 2004

Nit-picking A Parade

After I read this letter to the editor that appeared in one of our local papers this weekend, I thought I'd copy and paste it. Sometimes you have to laugh. This is one of those laughs that comes around when reading someone's suggestions and you know they have no experience with working with live TV or any media most likely:

Several Problems With Telecast Of Holiday Parade
To the Readers’ Forum:
In regards to the downtown parade recently:
It was amongst the best that I have seen from a
local community, and I thank Jamestown for
I have a few problems with the way it was
broadcast on Time Warner channel 8:
1) the cameras were all in one very biased
section, not showing off the entire beauty of
downtown Jamestown. In particular I saw nothing
of the beginning of the parade when I did
watch it at home.
2) I kept hearing the term ‘‘Pimp daddy’’
throughout the parade by the emcees — is this
professional journalism by the announcers?
3) The end of the program, the angle of the
camera wasn’t focused on the whole tree, just a
section of it. Why not use the overhead cameras
to watch the lighting?
4) The fireworks were spectacular but were
ruined by the advertising of Time Warner. Why
not ‘‘Happy Holidays’’?
5) When I did see the parade at home why
did Time Warner cut to a commercial break just
as Jamestown High School band came marching
down the street?
With as many vehicles as they had in the
parade that should have paid for the parade
many times over. Thank you.
Russell J. Fowler

One should note that one of the announcers hosts the morning show on the local pop music station, so he could be forgiven for not acting like a "professional journalist." Another thing to note is that everyone who helped put on the tv broadcast was doing this for the first time. They had never broadcasted the parade live before and it was bound to run into some issues. Of course, I would have never put the one female anchor out there as a co-host, but that's just my personal preference.


Anonymous said...

Yeah nothing says happy holidays more then the phrase, 'pimp daddy' LOL. ...only in Jamestown.

Kevin *buffalo*

Craig said...

When I was in Jamestown there was no local Cable channel, the P-J was the focus of all contempt.

I do catch the Jamestown broadcasts when I visit Mom in South Dayton and a lot of it is hilarious. But compared to the "big-city" Buffalo broadcasts, it's not all that different.

But when you're talking about 50,000 people as opposed to 1,000,000 it gets real personal. That's maybe not altogether a bad thing.

Accountability can be good.

Anonymous said...

Hey. My names Mandah, I'm from Jamestown, Ny also..and I noticed you on a RDykes board and thought I'd stop by your blog. So I'm taking it the parade wasn't the best? I don't even know if.. Rochester had a parade this year.. I live in Rochester now, for schooling.

Julia said...

Actually.. the parade rocked. A good time all around. I miss the Irondequoit 4th of July Parade now that I live here, so this is a nice substitute.

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