Thursday, December 02, 2004

Keeping Up Appearances

There's been one web app that's been my savior this past month in keeping up with everyone's blog: Kinja.

I actually bookmark the "manage" section where I have my blogs sorted by when they were last updated. It works quite fantastically and saves me the trouble of going blog by blog to see if they were updated.


Steve said...

That's a good site, Julia.

I use the Live Bookmarks feature in Firefox. When I go to any of those bookmarks, it loads up the current list of entries from that blog. It has the advantages of being able to check all the blogs I have set up without having to use a 3rd party app to check them.....One of the best reasons to switch to Firefox IMHO... :^)

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia - a few days ago you posted a comment wondering how to e-mail me with an article - my e-mail address is if you need to reach me. -NYCO

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