Monday, November 29, 2004

Off The Map

A new job, family illness, and the holidays does not make for good upkeep on the blog. Here's the 2 minute recap:

1. Grandma: She is home and well. Hopefully we'll find out more after tomorrow (Tuesday) when she goes for a screening at Roswell. There is a very slight chance that she might not even have cancer since the hospital she was at only made their determination that she did based on blood samples. But I'm not getting my hopes up too much on this one.

2. Thanksgiving: We celebrated in Buffalo this year due to several factors including the fact that my Aunt Carol was in NYC for a wedding, so it was easier to have dinner at my Grandparent's house so we didn't have to cart everyone to Rochester. Also, the main reason was that my Grandma got to come home the day before Thanksgiving and actually join us for dinner as well. A very happy thing for everyone.

3. Thanksgiving 2 - The Pies: I made the pecan and pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving this year. This is normally my Grandma's job, but I was handed the torch this year for obvious reasons. I followed her recipe and I'm told they came out fantastic. So cheers to that!

4. Thanksgiving 3 - Annual Hang-Out: Well, since we couldn't be in Rochester and, therefore, couldn't hang out with Sean & Anne like we normally do on Thanksgiving, I called up my cousin, Mike, and we met up for some drinks in Niagara Falls after all the belly stuffing. A nice time, especially since we got to meet his girlfriend, Laura.

5. Thanksgiving 4 - Black Friday: Matt and I actually went shopping Friday morning. Matt said, "Never Again!" I didn't mind it so much. Probably comes from those 4 years I worked retail during the holiday season. I found some great deals at Petite Sophisticate, which is unfortunately closing down in the mall we went to. I also got to buy Matt his birthday present - navy khakis. Oooh. Speaking of...

6. Birthdays: Y'all should wander over to Matt's blog and leave him a comment to wish him a Happy 32nd Birthday! We're celebrating the actual day by going to his parents for a spaghetti dinner. If we're not going up to Buffalo this weekend (or Friday at least), I plan on taking him out to dinner somewhere nice.

That's all for now. Will update again when the moment is right!

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