Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Summer In Autumn Party

This past Saturday we had our "Summer In Autumn" party at our house. With the craziness of the past week and a half, the theme really only extended to the fact that I made sangria, Lori brought a sun-shaped birthday cake, and I had sent out summer-themed evites.

The party ended up being more about watching the Boston Red Sox win the first game of the World Series.

Here's Kevin sporting the "Johnny Damon" look while Clair plays with Buddy Posted by Hello

Later on we broke out Scene It for two games.

The Party Revelers take a break from the game. Posted by Hello

Clair and Kevin helped break their old record of 27 1/2 hours of partying by hanging out with us until 11:30pm the next day. We consumed more wine, beer, pizza, and various party treats while watching the Sox whomp the Cardinals in Game Two of the series.

Good time all in all.

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