Friday, October 15, 2004

Falling Around Us

I woke up in the middle of Autumn today. Even though we have been carefully marking the change in colors on the trees, the rain rushed in with some bulky, gray clouds and firmly stated that it is, indeed, Autumn. And somehow, that surprised me. I'd dare anyone in the Western New York region to disagree that the foliage colors have been outstanding this year. Matt and I even made it out of Jamestown for a day trip to Letchworth State Park last Saturday with Richard and his girlfriend, Kim.

The latest bit of news that's not weather related is my new membership in the Warren Civic Orchestra. It's hard to fathom that I've lived in this area for over five years, and never knew that this orchestra existed a mere 15 miles over the stateline. The music they play is college-level, which is throwing me for a loop because I've been "stuck" in the first violin section. Arguably, I suck right now due to years of non-performance, but it's coming back slowly. Hopefully a little practice on my part and the remaining month of rehearsals will find me in passable shape.

Being able to play with high-level musicians isn't the only bonus to this orchestra. The half hour drive back has shown it can be deliriously fantastic. Since gas is about $0.06 to $0.10 cheaper just over the border, I have been making it a point to stop and fill up my tank on my way home. Last night I was feeling a little wiped out after a long work day and a hard practice, so I dropped into the station store to buy a cup of coffee. The girl behind the counter laughed as I babbled happily about the freshly brewed pot of coffee, danced around the prep area looking for the cream, which was right in front of me; and proudly counting out my change at the cash register so I didn't have to break a $20 bill. I needed that caffeine.

With Miles Davis' Kind Of Blue playing in my car, I took off. The first sips of the so-so coffee gave me that jolt I sorely needed. Every mouthful of burning coffee afterwards resulted in loud exaltations of "Praise Jesus!" and "Oh it's so good!" When caffeine courses through the veins, life, the universe, and everything seems perfect. The feeling hearkened back to nights spent in the coffeehouses of my youth. It's good to find that again, even if the coffee is of gas stop quality.

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AFINLORD said...

Nothing quite like jazz & coffee while driving and you still ARE in your youth!

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