Thursday, July 22, 2004

Knot Tieing To Commence

Matt and I are about to head out of here for the big weekend.  I'm leaving for Buffalo in about 45 minutes for a final dress fitting to make sure the train "hangs right."  Tomorrow involves the girly stuff of mani-pedicures and then the wedding rehearsal.  Saturday is the big day of course, involving getting up way too early to get my hair to cooperate.  Fortunately, the weather looks to be quite nice.  Some say, even perfect.   Wish us luck and I'll catch you all next week, perhaps when I'm manning the booth again for work at the County Fair.


battlemaiden said...

Here we go! Whee!

Ryan said...

Ladies and gentlemen, it's post time!

Shannon said...


The wedding was fab! I wish we could have stayed for the reception. Why didn't you tell me your parents were at my wedding? I just heard about it for the first time today, only 6+ years later, and feel horrible for not realizing they were there and inviting them to stay! I also forgot my camera at home - I hope you post or email some pics.

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