Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Julia's "Last Night" Out

Several of my friends here in Jamestown decided to throw me a little bachelorette party this past Friday.  I had originally said that I didn't want much of a fuss and that beers consumed in front of a fire at my friend's parent's house was a fine idea to me.  Fast forward a month or more, and that idea switched to wanting to go to Bemus Point.
Lori spearheaded organizing the event, despite the fact that she's getting married about a month after Matt and me.  I slowly began to realize that there might be some small shenanigans when she innocently asked me if I would wear a veil that had condoms attached to it.  I nixed the idea of the condoms, but consented to wearing a veil. 
Friday night, a little after 7pm, Lori, Clair, and Lynda arrived.  Matt complained just before they arrived that I was wearing "his" shirt.  I had to nicely explain that any shirt I had that exposed some cleavage was not "his" shirt, and that there would be times that I would be wearing those shirts while he wasn't around.  The veil turned out quite nice, with a strip of red roses hiding the barrette the veil was attached to.  I opened some presents that had some honeymoon appropriate attire in them, took some photos in the veil, and we took off.
Lynda, our wonderful designated driver, maneuvered into a parking spot near the Surf Club, where we were eating.  Lori ran off ahead of us as we waited for traffic to pass by.  I assumed she was going to get us a table until we got to the entrance of the restaurant.  Plastered on the door was a poster that said something to the effect, "Sexy Single Gentleman!  It's Julia's Last Night Out!" with my picture in the middle.  I could feel trouble sneaking up on us.
After we ordered sushi, I asked Lori where she had put the posters since she had run out before our appetizers arrived.  She replied, "Oh everywhere!  There are these guys down the street that wanted one to put on their porch too!"  I groaned and said, "I'm not used to such fuss!  I mean.. I know people around here!"  Lori said, "Well, mostly vacationers will see it, so I wouldn't worry too much!"  And just as she finished saying that, one of the town supervisors I know walks by and sees me.  About 10 minutes later, Darin and his wife (from the Legislative office) walks across the street, sees the poster, laughs, and then sees me.  So much for being incognito!  This on top of the fact that the girls were giving me a hard time because I was chugging water like it was my business.  I knew my earnest efforts at telling them it was due to the massage I had and the need to flush the bad toxins out of my body wasn't going to hold water for long.
After stuffing ourselves with sushi, bruchetta, soup, and panini sandwiches and reapplying lipstick, we took off for The Village Casino.  As we walk in, we run into another girl I know that used to work with Matt.  At the bar, while we pondered what drinks to start with,  Darin comes over with a pitcher and several plastic cups, "Here's a pitcher of Sex On The Beach to do shots with," he said.  Drink number 1.  Drinks number 2 were a blow-job shot, which we convinced Lori that we didn't really need to pick up off the bar with our mouths.  Drink number 3 was an overly sweet Midori Sour for me.  Drink number 4 was a Buttery Nipple shot courtesy of Darin.  Drink number 4 was another blow job shot courtesy of some random guy sitting at the bar next to us.  Drink number 5 was a regular sized Sex On The Beach. And finally, Drink number 6 was another buttery nipple courtesy of John.  Needless to say, I was happily making my way to being very, very inebriated.

In the midst of all the drinking, another guy from the other side of the bar ran over, looked at a copy of the poster Lori had hung up that he had apparently torn down, looked at me and said, "It is you!"  He then ran away.  I think I said something like, "Well of course it's me!  I'm the only one wearing a veil in this place."  Then our friend John from the newspaper showed up and we gabbed for a little while. 

Smackdab was the band playing that night, so we grooved for a little while.  Eventually, I got tired of standing and insisted on getting a table where we could see everyone but rest our feet a little.  By that time, Mark and Clair's boyfriend, Kevin, had shown up after getting out of work.  So much for a real girl's night out, but those guys are a lot of fun, so we let them sit with us.  Lori kept bugging me to go dance until she got the band to announce that "It's Julia's last night out!  This one's for her" or something before launching into a Rolling Stones cover.  We had to go shake it of course, and were even joined by Darin on the floor. 

I get tired when I drink, so we packed it in a little after 1AM.  Clair said good-bye to Kevin, and we took off for my house.  Lynda still had to go home, but we got Clair and Lori set up with pillows and blankets for a little sleepover.
I stumbled into the unoccupied guest room to escape Matt's snoring and was sleeping quite fitfully until Matt came in later on to ask if I was getting up.  I think I whined, "Why?" He replied, "It's 10:30!"  I shot back, "What, you act like that's late or something??"  That morning, Lori and Clair found out the real reason Matt calls me "sunshine."  Admist some grumbling and orange juice, I pulled myself together to go hang out with everyone downstairs.  The girls were checking in with their significant others and we decided that a big breakfast from The Coffee Cup was the only cure to a night of drinking.  Kevin joined us as we scarfed down some greasy goodness and caffeinated wonder.
An excellent time all around.  I saved one of the posters that had been stuck to a tree.  I'm almost afraid to go back into Bemus to see if any other posters are lingering in the doorways of the bars there.


battlemaiden said...

I can't believe I missed this!!!! I wasn't doing anything...why didn't anyone call me?! Grr!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a stellar night! I don't know when you're going to get this, or if you're going to get this before the weekend, but I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! I wish you the best and happiest future together :)

Lots of love

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