Monday, June 07, 2004

Winding Up For Next Weekend

I'm totally zonked, trying to recover from a busy weekend but I thought it would be nice of me to update the blog.

Friday: Matt and I went to the first showing of Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban in town. Brilliantly done. Alfonso Cuaron and Steve Kloves did an excellent job on adapting the third book in the series to film. I left with a big grin on my face.

Saturday: We had a successful final session with the pastor who will marry us next month. Lunch included reserving the back room of La Bella Sicilia's for the rehearsal dinner. After picking up a wedding shower gift for some friends and getting an oil change, I made a mad dash for Rochester. Heidi, Ryan and I took in October Project at Water Street Music Hall. I enjoyed the concert. Much beer and hockey was enjoyed.

Sunday: My mom woke me up much earlier than my bone-weary body would have liked to go buy flowers for shower gifts at the Rochester Public Market. The rest of the daytime hours involved putting together shower gifts with assistance from my lovely bridesmaids, Heidi and Anne. The evening hours involved a roller hockey game (see Ryan's blog for more). Then I got to have a beer and some wonderful conversation with my friend, Ben, and hang out with Heidi and Ryan some more.

Monday: My mom made me get up way too early again to do some wedding dress checking/adjustments. After I washed up, I met up with my mom again at my former-junior high, where she was substitute teaching. On her lunch, we walked around that school and my former high school to see all the renovations that had been made. I got to see several former teachers and a friend from high school/college that now teaches orchestra at our alma mater. A good time. I'm home now and totally beat, so if you think this post is a bust, a pox on you!


Ryan said...

"I enjoyed the concert." Hmm, are you suggesting that your fellow concert-goers were a little critical? hehe Ah well. I liked the music anyways, even if parts of the performance was sub-par.

Bitter said...

I LOVE La Bella Sicilia!

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