Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Oh That Morrissey

Steven is making some headlines again. This time it's due to a comment he made at a concert where he stated that former Pres. Reagan had died and that he wished it had been Bush instead. A nice show of support for the Bush-haters, I'm sure, but Bush dying would only result in the puppet being replaced by the guy pulling the strings, Dick Cheney. And unfortunately, since this country loves a good cry, it probably also would have meant that Cheney would get a huge sympathy vote in November, miring this country in another 4 years of lies and corruption.

I take things too seriously sometimes.

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Bitter said...

ooh! Wow! Do you really believe that Bush is a puppet and Cheney is calling all the shots? Veeery interesting. I'd love to hear your detailed thoughts on that someday. Or you can blog 'em...

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