Thursday, June 03, 2004

Excited? Stressed More Likely

Despite my best attempts to thwart those who keep asking if I'm excited about the wedding, they're still asking. Even when I've given the standard, bland reply of "Ehn.. just working on everything. Still a lot to do." The latest violator of the wedding question was my hairdresser yesterday. She asked or stated that I must be excited about three different times until I said, "Well, I'm not as much excited as I am stressed about the whole thing." That was a true statement. I've had sporadic stress dreams about the wedding since we got engaged. Last night's dream went like this:

I woke up at my grandparent's house and realized that not only was the whole house still asleep but that it was after noon. With only three hours before the wedding, I began assessing the situation. My Matron of Honor hadn't gotten to Buffalo yet from Rochester, I never got a manicure or pedicure, whether there any calla lilies availble for my bouquet or the altar display was questionable, and my friend who was to do my hair and my bridesmaid's hair was nowhere around. It felt like the whole day was to be a disaster. Then I thankfully woke up.

I can honestly say that there hasn't been much about planning our wedding that's been fun. Sure, I'm looking forward to it and the reception, but putting up with my parents and other issues has made it a chore. I'm not one of those girls who had their whole wedding planned out since I was eight. In fact, from my mid-teens until my early 20s, I was determined never to marry. Now that the glorious day is nearly here, there's that general feeling that because I didn't have everything planned out in scrapbooks and journals since my pre-pubescent years that I don't get much of a say in what actually happens.

On a lighter note, there have been some links floating around some blogs for wedding registries for some famous people. After registering at Pier 1 and Target, I feel like a mere peasant next to some of items these brides-to-be are requesting, especially this one:

MSNBC's Ashleigh Banfield's registry


Anonymous said...

Ok, I HAD to check out that Tiffany's registry. Who is Ashleigh? Anyone you know? (i shouldn't say anything mean in fear she's your friend...apologies in advance) I just have to note how only 2 of the items she's registered for, one of which is a $140 slightly rounded letter opener. Yeah, nothing says "Congratulations" and love more than a slightly rounded letter opener.


Julia said...

Don't know her. I saw the link for her registry posted on either The New Yorkish or The Gothamist. Can't remember.

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