Thursday, June 03, 2004

Things That Make You Glad You Live In Jamestown

Matt and I traveled two hours south to Dubois, PA on Sunday for his grandmother's 90th birthday. After the party, dinner, and drinks, we jointly wrote this entry:

Even though Dubois has a Pier 1, Lowe's, and a Quizno's, it's virtually impossible to find a bar, any bar, in this college town on a Sunday night, or any night for that matter. To go even further, you cannot even find a store that sells alcoholic beverages due to Pennsylvania state law prohibiting the sale of alcohol in grocery stores, gas stations, or convenience stores.

And so, this leads us to the bar. The seemingly only local bar open in town past 10pm on a Sunday night. Matt and I felt like total outsiders in this western-themed joint. By western we mean animal heads on the wall and murals of cowboys. Thankfully, the msuic being played by the DJ was your standard modern rock. Two bottles of imported beer will set you back $6.50. Matt had Bass ale and I finally got to try Moosehead Lager, which is brewed in St. John, New Brunswick. The crowd could be described as local youth who migrated home from college for the summer. There was the one, well-coifed guy who stuck out almost as bad as us. The other guys at the bar shared several traits such as tatoos, piercings, and buzz cuts covered by baseball caps. The girls wore spaghetti-strap tanks and jeans or capri pants. Matt said, "We can definitely die now. We've seen it all."

And so one drink later found us at Perkin's with cups of decaf coffee, awaiting a pre-midnight gorging of the 24-hour breakfast menu. Nothing much more to look forward to other than sleep.

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