Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Man Beats Speeding Ticket

This story about a Rochester-area man who fought a speeding ticket all the way up to New York State's highest court reminds me of a friend of mine. Matt (a different Matt.. this one is a Special Agent with the DOS) successfully fought several tickets he received while hanging out at the Irondequoit Bay Pier. At the time, there was a small sign that stated the park closed at 10pm. Matt and friends liked to go well after 10pm to sit at the end of the pier. I believe in Matt's case it was an Irondequoit Policeman who gave him the ticket. It sticks in my mind that he successfully argued that the Irondequoit Police did not have jurisdiction in the pier area. On a related note, I got a ticket there once too and the policeman issueing me the ticket told me I could get out of it by telling a judge that I couldn't see the hours of operation sign. It worked.

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