Thursday, March 18, 2004

Green Bagels

The way our mostly Swedish/Italian community in Jamestown seems to celebrate St. Patrick's Day is by eating green bagels. Matt made a kind of gross allusion to this on his blog.

But anyway, it's just a funny thing to me I guess. In other related-news, I did end up meeting some friends for a drink last night. The group was multi-tasking their fun by celebrating a belated birthday for one of the guys and celebrating the Irish holiday. Unfortunately, the birthday boy is still under 21, so we ended up going to the local "meat market" (AKA The Rusty Nail) for our drinks since it was teen night or "tiny hiney night" as my friends in the Legislative Offices call it. A few of us couldn't figure for the life of us why we were there, but it wasn't a bad time. The one piece of excitement came when someone punched another guy in the face, causing him to fall straight back and bash his head on a brick wall as he fell. No one did anything at first and then the police and EMT's converged on the scene. We could see the action from the table we snagged along the wall. I realized that I must not be an overly squeamish type since the pool of blood that collected under this guy's head from his head wound didn't bother me much. It was a very bright red. Quite striking against the black and white tiled floor. A bouncer with a steaming hot mixture of water and bleach erased any hint of an accident soon after the drunken guy was carted out. He seemed okay other than the good bonk on his head and possibly a bitten tongue or lip. Regardless, I do not plan to go anywhere near another "teen night" event in this town.

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