Thursday, March 25, 2004

Choose Your Own Adventure

Many people have been asking me what I plan to do once my job ends with the county. I don't have a real answer, but in the interest of fun I decided to put up a garden variety multiple choice of possibilities:

A. Open a Coffee Shop that is also a wireless hot spot
B. Write a Book
C. Live Off of Matt's Meager Salary
D. Become a Stay At Home Mom (requires getting pregnant and having children immediately after getting married)
E. Find Some Random Currently-Non-Existent Job in the area in Public/Media Relations
F. Go On Welfare
G. Get a Job Part-time or Full-time in Retail (AKA Bon-Ton) or the Food Industry (AKA McDonald's or Tim Horton's)
H. Go Back to School for another Bachelor's degree or Master's
I. See if the local tv or radio station would like to hire me again as a reporter despite my obvious bias and political connections
J. Teach private violin lessons
K. Other (Please Describe)


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