Sunday, October 19, 2003

Something New At Wegmans

As winter approaches, the amount of products or the type of products I use on my hair increases. It never used to be that way. I was a wash, maybe condition, blow dry but not all the way, and then minimal use of hairspray just so my hair wouldn't fall in my eyes kind of girl back in high school. Then after a bad break-up, I chopped it off. I'm talking chopping off hair that went down to my elbows to chin length. It was crazy! And layered. That meant fully drying my hair, curling it, and then massive amounts of hairspray just to get it through the morning. If I was going out at night, that meant re-curling my hair and more hairspray. This lifestyle didn't agree with me at all since I like to sleep in and I'm terribly low maintenance when it comes to my appearance in general. The phrase "pret a porter" was designed for me. Then I hit my mid-20's.

The chemistry of my hair changed so that it needed a little more attention than I was used to giving it. It's still straight, fine, long, and light-brown not including the highlights I got back in March. However, it now requires shampoo, various kinds of conditioner, a leave-in conditioner or detangler, and hairspray. So onto Wegmans I went tonight for weekly grocery shopping and the search for hair products. Oh lo and behold, Wegmans now carries an expanded selection of haircare products. I'm talking everything from Aveda, Paul Mitchell, Biolage/Matrix, and some other ones I haven't heard before but must be "good" since they're priced around $12 and above. It was a stop, jaw drops, stare, and totally block out everything going on around you moment.

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