Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Good Food Weekend

Food that makes you swoon seemed to be the theme of this past weekend. Matt took me to Olive's on Saturday night for a belated celebration of my birthday. Niether of us had been there, but had heard good things. When we sat down, we were given a little cup of marinated olives and peppers to stimulate our tastebuds. For starters, we ordered the antipasta appetizer, which included slices of three kinds of Italian meat, olives, peppers, fresh mozzarella, and toasted Italian bread. Matt and I both decided to try the Francis Coppola Rosso, a zinfadel red, and it was quite good and complimentary to the food. Our salad came in one big bowl, so you could take as much or as little as you liked. We never figured out what the dressing was but it leaned toward an oil and cheese blend. The cheese is what threw us off. It was tasty, but we couldn't figure it out. Matt ordered a chicken, mushroom, and alfredo cheese sauce over linguine. I ordered cannoli with vegetables. This basically was the Italian's version of an enchilada, but much better, with asparagus, spinach, and one other vegetable mixed in a rich cream sauce that filled the pasta shell. It was covered in a marinara and light cream sauce. Heaven!! For dessert, we both ordered cappucinos while Matt ordered the tirimisu and I ordered the creme brulee. Matt declared that he could never eat tirimisu from anywhere else. Quite a wonderful dinner.

On Sunday, we met up with my parents and grandmother and went to Ambrosia's on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo. While we waited for a table, we saw one table receive two servings of the most decadent looking crepes we had ever seen grace a plate. We decided then that we just had to order one as an appetizer. The blueberry crepe was simply sinful. The blueberries were fresh, but a little tart. That was okay though since the sweet cream filling balanced it out. Except for Matt, we all ordered the spanikopita with the greek side salad. Matt ordered the tomato & basil soup and some potato dish. After eating, we waddled over to Pier 1 where I picked up some holiday gifts. Then it was back to my grandmother's house to relax, eat subs, and homemade pumpkin pie.

What a happy stomach weekend!

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