Saturday, September 27, 2003

A True "Beverage" Connoisseur Event

I was alerted by the D&C about an almighty festival happening in Denver, CO this week. The Great American Beer Festival. Matt and I decided it sounds pretty cool and one year we may try to make it there. It's a little intimidating when you start thinking of how many styles of beer these 350 breweries will have on hand for tasting. And I admit my tolerance level would be my downfall in the quest to sample to my heart's content. It's definitely one of those times when you start drinking early, in moderation, and often.

And courtesy of Wil, a little related humour:

The leaders of the big beer companies meet for a drink. The president of Budweiser orders a Bud, the CEO of Miller gets a Miller, the head of Coors orders a Coors, and so on. Until it's Arthur Guinness's turn. He orders a soda.

"Why didn't you order a Guinness?" everyone asks.

Guinness replies, "if you guys aren't having beer, then neither will I."

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