Thursday, September 18, 2003

A Stillness Before the Howl

It was unbelievably quiet as I left work today. No birds, bugs, or any other noise aside from some traffic. I suppose all the animals got the message and are holed up and just waiting for the wind and rain to arrive. The leading edges of the storm have already started to produce some sprinklesi n the area and it's cloudy. The wind hasn't picked up yet, which just adds to eerieness of it all. I'm about to head to a Labor dinner and I assume that the rain will be in full progress by the time I get out.

In good news, our friends, Chuck & Lori, "escaped" from Washington DC since our national government has shut down in advance of the storm. I'm hoping that Matt will feel up to getting drinks with them later tonight. Ahh.. friends, storms, fall weather... it's all good.

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